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febbraio: 2020
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UX Hong Kong retrospective (Sg-HK /4)


Ho ritrovato questa cosa scritta di getto mentre stavo lasciando Hong Kong. Pensavo di riaggiustarla e pubblicarla, ma alla fine credo sia meglio lasciarla così, come mi è venuta.

The 2 days UX Hong Kong conference have been flown away like the night skyline that I see from the window sitting on the train, going to the airport.

I saw people I already knew (the inspiring researcher Thomas Sharon from Google, Whitney Hess, who’s presentation I missed in Florence), I met louis Rosenfeld (co-author of the first most important book about information architecture) and many other professionals: I hope I’ll be in touch with you in the future, guys.

Dan Szuc has been an excellent conference host: he’s energizing, funny and really passionate. He’s the Asian version of Eric Reiss, if you know what I mean (althought he’s not really asian and neither is Eric…).

I met and spend most of my spare time with the UPA Asia capter guys/gals: I think they’re the most important group for the development of ux in asia, as far as I can understand, so I hope they carry on the evangelization and the community. You guys rock!

I really have to thank my friend Raven Chai, the “UX one-man band” from Singapore, because he’s the one that got me there and he took care of me all along the week I stayed in Asia (althought I tried to mess up things anyway…).

The speeches at the conference were very good, but as always the most interesting part has been the workshop day. Really, really engaging and useful for me.

I don’t know if I’m coming next year, but I definitely suggest to be there if you work/live in the area.

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  • Daniel Szuc
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    Daniel Szuc Daniel Szuc


    Thank you very much for supporting UXHK 2012.

    Dan & Jo