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Esplorazione dei design concept

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Allo UX Camp di Firenze ho presentato alcune tecniche utilizzate all’inizio dei progetti per esplorare diversi possibili design.

Oggi Jared Spool rilancia sull’argomento citando Leah Buley:

“It’s not about the quality of the sketching, but the variety and exploration of the idea that matters. The first sketches you make will be things we use and know. That’s just human nature. We have to move beyond that, though, to explore new ideas.

Nella mia presentazione ho citato appunto la tecnica Sketchboard utilizzata da Adaptive Path per esplorare diversi design concept.

Jared aggiunge alcuni suggerimenti:

Leah’s technique for exploring is simple: use simple tools to uncover different design solutions.

One tool she calls Word Play, where she uses a list of design terms, such as “drag and drop”, “accordian”, and “pulldowns” as inspiration for different design approaches. “What if,” Leah asks, “we were to try this same design with drag and drop capabilities? What would that look like?”

Another tool she calls Conceptual Frameworks. “When you are stuck, think about the opposites,” Leah suggests. For example, where would your existing idea fit on a spectrum of two opposing extremes, say, being automatic to being manual? Once you decide where your current thinking is, what would a design look like if you moved to the other side of the spectrum?

With these tools, designers can quickly explore a range of ideas. Often, an innovative concept will emerge only after the designer has a breakthrough, pushing past the first obvious solutions.

Questi suggerimenti sono molto interessanti e incorniciano un argomento che spesso determina il successo o il fallimento del progetto, perché le decisioni iniziali guidano inevitabilmente il design.

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